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ALL access to world class programming with the most in-demand fitness brands and trending workouts right in your own facility.  With over 1,000s of types of classes from HIIT, Core Strength, Yoga, Aerobics, Kick Boxing and more. 

Featuring high level instruction from Jillian Michaels, Les Mills, Billy Blanks, Zumba and more. 

Classes range from 60 min – to 30 min to as short as 5 min workouts.

Most popular / BEST classes: (TOP 10)
1)      Sweat Factor – Fit & Flex Lower Body Pilates
2)      Sweat Factor- 20 min Total Body Strength Circuit
3)      PopSugar – 30 min Yoga
4)      SH1FT – aerobics
5)      Sweat Factor – 20 min Abs & Core Finisher
6)      PopSugar – 30 min beginners Arms and Abs Workout
7)      Sweat Factor – 20 min nonstop Abs and Core
8)      Sweat Factor – 10 min Core Focused Yoga Flow
9)      Sweat Factor – 20 min Metabolic Bootcamp
10)   Sweat Factor – 45 min Athletic Yoga flow


Class Descriptions

Bootcamp: A combination of cardio exercises, abdominal exercises & hand weights for total body workout. Tabata clock used for timed sets.

Insane Boot Camp: A cardio-based total body conditioning program that utilizes interval training to give you an intense and challenging work out. Modifications can be made to fit the needs of all fitness levels.

Circuit Strength: A circuit-style strength/cardio class that incorporates weights, resistance bands, body weight & strength exercises with cardiovascular exercise for an optimal 45 minute workout. Appropriate for all levels. Modifications will be shown.

Fight Sport: This Class focuses on building strength, conditioning and stamina as well as true technical striking skills with the use of boxing gloves, mitts and kick pads. Members are encouraged to bring their own gloves.

Gentle Yoga: A slow paced class with explanations of asanas (poses) for beginners.

Hatha Yoga: This slow flow class explores the beginning and intermediate asanas (poses) while keeping a focus on developing strength and flexibility. Mindful postures, meditation, and breathing practices allow participants to fully relax.

Moderate Hatha Yoga: A moderately paced class with modifications and explanations offered in asanas (poses) for beginners.

HIIT: A (High Intensity Interval Training) class for all levels keep you sweating. A blend of cardiovascular conditioning to increase your endurance & weight training to strengthen & tone.

HIIT Strength/Core: High intensity functional fitness class using barbells & free weights to tone your body, build lean muscle mass & burn calories. High energy with great music to transform your body.

Meditation Focus Yoga: Yoga is a powerful tool for getting in touch with your inner spirit while nourishing & strengthening your body. This class will bring you to a peaceful place & may help you let go of any anxiety you may carry with you.

Power Hour: A high intensity workout utilizing body weight, weights & HIIT techniques (bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity). The focus is on functional fitness, using the whole body & multi-joint exercises that simulate movements everyday life.

Pump: A 60 minute class using barbells & hand weights to work every major muscle group of the body. This class is appropriate for all ages & fitness levels.

Restorative Yoga: A gentle flow of yoga poses (asanas) that are held longer than in traditional yoga classes. Breathing techniques along with the use of props help you to relax into the poses. This class may improve flexibility, mobility, circulation, restful sleep & reduce stress.

Slow Flow Yoga: This slower paced practice moves slowly & mindfully through a variety of yoga poses connecting movement to breath. This class is for all levels. It will leave you relaxed & rejuvenated.

Women’s Strength Training: Small group class focused on teaching women the basics of strength training, how to build muscle & giving you confidence in the gym. All skill levels welcome. Great place for beginners to start their weightlifting journey!

Zumba: A Latin inspired dance fitness class with an easy to follow, fun, high energy routine set to music.

Features & Benefits

N Receive personal attention from trainers to check your form and guide you through the workout
N Trainers will provide modifications to exercises when needed
N Utilize functional training equipment
N Includes a mix of cardio and weights to help you break through plateaus