Cape Cod’s Premiere Fitness Facility

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“I visited the facility in Hyannis in January with the purpose of “shopping” fitness locations. I met with Jaime, one of the managers, who was delightful and made it easy to discuss my goals for training.  After we finished our conversations, she said, ’I have perfect person for you;’ She was so right!!!
Tom (my trainer) is personable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I always feel he’s prepared with a program ahead of time suited specifically to me; challenging but designed for my success.  I have come to respect Tom for his dedication to improve the quality of life for his clients. I consider him a friend as well.” 

Positives: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

– Peter

They have everything you’d want in a gym with no frills. It’s perfect. Every gym across the country should model itself after this place.

– Daniel S.

I’ve been a member at Fitness500 for years and have always had a positive experience. The staff always says hello when you walk in and the personal trainers are very friendly and helpful. Over the years I’ve taken numerous classes, had one on one personal training, as well as group training and all of my experiences were A+. The personal training room is a good size and has some privacy for anyone who feels a little shy at the gym. The equipment is clean and plentiful. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Positives: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

– Erica

Great gym for amateurs and athletes alike. The staff is friendly, the trainers are awesome, and the gear is perfect for complete strength training.
Positives: Professionalism, Quality

– Jessica

Staff is amazing! Super friendly and accommodating. The gym is super spacious, plenty of room to do your own thing!


This is the best gym that I’ve been to! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and encouraging! The employees are very professional and educational. I don’t feel like an outsider or that I don’t belong when I walk into the gym. The employees keep the gym very safe and clean! I’ll never go to another gym!!


Fitness 500 is honestly the best gym I’ve been to. I have been treated like I’m the only client. They take the time to modify my training- it is very specialized! The staff is amazing, they care about your fitness and progress. The gym is clean, the weight classes are amazing. All I can say is I am lucky to have found this amazing place to help my fitness.


“My name is Kelly and I’m a 58 year old mother of three. I am a lifelong learner of all things fitness, so when I got out of the habit of exercising regularly, I looked to Fitness500 to find me a trainer who would help me get back on track and into a better routine. When I met Mandie, she listened to what my goals were, how much time I wanted to spend in the gym, and worked within my part-time work schedule. In addition, she is helping me track my food intake to make the most of my workouts, along with recommendations for vitamins and supplements. She provides the whole package for fitness and nutrition. I couldn’t be happier with Mandie and the entire staff at Fitness500.”

-Kelly O.

I been going to Fitness 500 for years and through all that time one of the best thing is the staff/trainers, you always can count with them if you ask for anything, they all very friendly and knowledgeable I highly recommend any trainer in the facility the best part is each trainer has different skills so you definitely request the trainer that fit your needs. The gym itself has a great lot of equipment and lots of space so you can have a great workout. I highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in a fitness lifestyle.

Positives: Communication, Professionalism, Quality


I’ve been going to this gym for the last three years. They have everything you need to get your fitness on. The staff is experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable to answer all your questions. They offer classes, personalized fitness road maps, and meal plans to guide you through your fitness goals.

– Titans300