Trainer Glenn Medeiros

Glenn Medeiros

General Manager

Certifications – B.S. Kinesiology, CPT

Growing up on the Cape, Glenn always had a passion for fitness and outdoor activities. He competed in football, soccer and track for his hometown, Barnstable. He attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and earned a B.S. degree in Kinesiology: Exercise, Nutrition, & Wellness. Glenn emphasizes the benefits of exercise and how strength, mobility, functional training and proper nutrition can lead to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

His interests are not only to help you reach your fitness goals but to provide an education that will help improve your quality of life. Each client is different, and Glenn is proficient in listening and understanding what his clients’ needs are. Start your journey to achieve your goals with Glenn today!




Glenn has been teaching me strength training at Fitness 500 for a few months now, and he is the most genuine, passionate and knowledgeable personal trainer I have met thus far. My initial goal to have a trainer was to learn the basics of lifting for functional strength building, and Glenn has planned all sessions based on my goal and my intentions. During every new exercise Glenn demonstrates, he explains the different muscle groups you’re working, which ultimately helps you focus on the targeted areas during that exercise. Personally, as a woman who was unfamiliar with powerlifting but wanted to learn, I can reassure that Glenn has built my confidence since day one, and now I have no problem going into lifting areas to get an awesome workout. Every training session leaves me proud of what I’ve learned and accomplished, and makes me optimistic for my next work out. From his welcoming smile, to his encouraging and driven attitude, I’d say Glenn is a fantastic trainer at Fitness 500 and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a great teacher and motivator.

– Stephanie Pina

From day one Glenn took the time to understand exactly what I was looking to achieve from our sessions. He took the time to personalize workouts that would help me reach (and pass) my fitness goals. Glenn’s willingness to focus on what my needs were created a trusting and judgment free environment that can often be hard to find when first getting back into the gym. His constant support, positivity, and guidance continues to motivate me daily and push myself one step further. Having Glenn as a trainer has truly improved my physical and mental strength, my endurance, and most importantly m self-esteem. I recommend Glenn from the rooftops he truly is a game changer.

– Maureen