Power Yoga

A sequence that emphasizes the mind-body connection through meditation, while also toning the muscles through a challenging sequence of yoga poses. It is very beneficial on a multidimensional level: Helps to ~Decrease stress ~Increase awareness and become more in tune with the body & mind ~Increase balance, range of motion, strength, & stamina

Beach Run

Join Trainer Bianca for her Beach Run! Meet at the gym and take a run to Veteran’s Memorial Beach where you will stop and begin a 20 minute circuit before running back to the gym. Having trouble finding the motivation to run? This class is perfect for you! Hate cardio? This class is the perfect…


Come join Trainer Mike for his new circuit training class! EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute. He will give you various exercises and an amount of reps that you complete every minute on the minute. If you finish the set early you get the luxury of using the remainder of the minute as…

Training Tactics

Consists of a stretch/mobility, strength training, and cardio circuit to help create or build a program for you moving forward. Learn new things to use in your current program or use the class as a program itself.


Pilates helps build core strength, improve mobility, and all-around lengthen and strengthen the body from within.

Functional Bootcamp

A class instructed by Personal Trainer Bianca, designed to teach clients how to execute larger lifts that are most important to know. Faster and smaller exercises are added into the workout to create a fat burning and muscle toning combination. *PAID CLASS*


The perfect mix between yoga and pilates. Let Diane take you through a unique sequence combining lengthening yoga stretches and strengthening pilate exercises. Modifications can be made to suit all fitness levels.

Nutrition 101

NUTRITION WORKSHOP Welcoming all members to our first ever FREE Nutrition Support Group Weekly topics: interact, discuss, listen, learn Create a lasting healthy lifestyle and eliminate fear of failing diet fads Delicious recipes, Meal planning and prepping tips Question & Answer with Holistic, Realistic Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer Elise Frazier  Studio A