Slow Flow & Restorative

Instructor: Carol Class begins with a slow flow yoga sequence to warm the body then transitions into restorative postures that allow for rest, release and complete relaxation. All levels welcome.

Power Pilates

You will be empowered to discover your inner strength, transform mind & body, increase stamina, improve your health and achieve a new and exciting physical wellbeing. Your body will totally transform from the inside out.

Women's Self Defense

A course designed to teach techniques for self-protection. This course will focus on topics such as situational awareness, proper stance, strikes, escapes, vital points of the body, mind set, and weapons of opportunity.


Instructor: Mariela High intensity choreographed workout led by music. Moving to the beat and tempo of music will make you work harder which will help you to advance to more challenging progressions. Just listen to the music, keep following the beat and get a killer workout in.

Power Yoga

Instructor: Torrie A sequence that emphasizes the mind-body connection through meditation, while also toning the muscles through a challenging sequence of yoga poses. It is very beneficial on a multidimensional level: Helps to ~Decrease stress ~Increase awareness and become more in tune with the body & mind ~Increase balance, range of motion, strength, & stamina

After School Athletes

Trainer: Andrew This class is perfect for middle school and high school athletes looking to improve their athletic performance. Participants will learn basic strength and conditioning concepts in order to increase their strength, power, and athleticism; with training plans being designed based around the students’ sport and/or seasonal needs.

Operation Fat Loss

Trainer: Andrew Participants will learn basic strength training fundamentals such as different variations of squats, deadlifts, and presses. These exercises will primary be preformed in a circuit format, moving from station to station to keep your heart rate elevated while increasing your strength. This is perfect for anyone looking to get stronger while maintaining their…

Active Recovery

Trainer: Andrew Various body weight movements, light cardio, and breathing techniques will all be utilized in this class to help you recover between workouts. This class is perfect for anybody with a sedentary job looking to add some extra movement to their day, or experienced lifters looking to increase their mobility in order to improve…


Instructor: Liana Increase strength, flexibility, and control of the body. A body conditioning routine to build flexibility, strength and coordination in the legs, abdomen, arms and back.

Functional Bootcamp

Trainer: Bianca Boot camp style class designed to teach clients how to execute larger lifts that are most important to know. Faster and smaller exercises are added into the workout to create a fat burning and muscle toning combination.