Here are a few of our member’s AMAZING transformations. Have one you want to share with us? Submit it above using the “Submit your testimonial here” button.

“Fitness 500 club has helped me change my life! With a great gym atmosphere, a welcoming staff and awesome personal training I was able to achieve my goals. I’d recommend personal training at Fitness 500 club to anyone who is serious about living a healthier, more fit lifestyle. Get results like I did! “

Jenna’s 45-50 lb. weight loss transformation.  A few years of lifting, followed by a more structured diet within the last year to maintain lean muscle mass & keep off the fat.

Karla’s 1 year transformation.  After some pregnancies & difficult life changes she has lost 55-60 lbs!

Bill’s 1 year transformation.

“Nutrient + Exercise= Excellence”

Everyday the staff notice’s Bill’s hard, consistent effort that always comes with a smile. He’s always motivating others to push to their limits like he does.